Back in America

I've been back in America since 2011. Long story short, I look forward to visiting Japan again. I'll still write a post here and there, when I find out something interesting. If you're interested in the previous years, you can see part of what I learned and wondered about while I was living in Japan.


Okinawa: Bus from Naha (Bus Route Numbers)


Chatan (Sunset beach, American Village, Mihama area): 20, 28, 29

Yomitan (Zanpa Cape, Nikko Alivilla Hotel, Yachimun Pottery Town area): 28, 29

Onna village (Manza-mo, Manza Beach Hotel area): 20, 120

Nago city (Orion Beer brewery, Busena Terrace Hotel, Churaumi Aquarium): 20, 120

--to get to Churaumi Aquarium, you must change busses at Nago Bus Terminal.

Churaumi Aquarium from Nago Bus Terminal, take bus # 65 or 70.

[Get a time table at the terminal. Also for your return trip.]

Yes, you can. :)


How to get on buses

Bus Maps

North area = Northern than Kyoda(許田)<http://www.rosenbus.com/TimeTBL/RoadMap/HOKUBU.jpg
Middle area=From Naha to Onna Village<http://www.rosenbus.com/TimeTBL/RoadMap/CYUBU.jpg>
Southern Area=Naha and Southern than Naha city<http://www.rosenbus.com/TimeTBL/RoadMap/NANBU.jpg>
Inside Naha City<http://www.rosenbus.com/TimeTBL/RoadMap/NAHA.jpg>

These maps are all in Japanese. 


1. You raise your hand when you want to get on.
2. Though there are four different bus companies running, they all use the same numbers for the same routs, so you just have to pay attention to the #s. When you get on a bus in Naha city, the buses that have # between 1 and 19 (except for 15) only run inner City. Buses that have # 15 and 20 or bgger number run outside of the city.
3.If you wanna site see inner Naha city like Kokusai St. and Shuri castle, and beaches, you can purchase a one-day pass. It costs about as much as you pay for one time.


Moving to Uwajima

Hi, it's been a while since I posted a blog entry. I'll be moving to Uwajima on March 1st, 2009. Between February 20th and 27th, I'll take a break in Okinawa. I'm just now planning the Okinawa trip and will have lots of photos and stories from that! I found a kind of domestic shipping service that will transport my few suitcases and boxes to the new address, so I can just get on the plane and enjoy the vacation. For anyone moving in Japan, you might find it useful also. More to come.


Osaka: Takoyaki Stand

Takoyaki chefs prepare their specialty in Osaka.



A Rainbow at the River's Edge




Cool light summer breeze

All the season's colors flow;

The river dances


My Life, in Transit

Train from Shikoku to Okayama

Trees rush past windows;
Olden houses stand sadly;
My life, in transit.

(Okayama. April, 2008)