Ikkaku Restaurant

This photograph was taken by bloggers who visited Marugame City, and give a savory account of their experience. It is definitely one of the restaurants I plan to try right away. My fellow bloggers note, "Since it first opened in 1967 this izakaya has become so immensely popular for its signature dish, that it has spawned branches not only on its home turf, the island of Shikoku, but also across the country in Yokohama City (near Tokyo) and soon in Osaka as well." Further, "Ikkaku's menu is short, simple, and straightforward consisting of 'Oyadori' (adult chicken), 'Hinadori' (young chicken), and a few other small dishes like edamame, salad, chicken rice, and soup ... once people have the Ikkaku experience, it is difficult to go back to eating tender chicken ... it is almost as if tender chicken does not have the flavor or provide the satisfaction that should come from eating this farmyard (or probably freerange in this case) fowl. And, as we cleaned the last bits of meat from the bones, we could clearly understand why..."

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