Takeo Kikuchi - Japanese Fashion

Takeo Kikuchi is a Japanese designer who is part of the top scene in Japan. I found one of his boutique shops, TK, below Okayama JR train station, in the endless shopping mall there. If you need something really cool and spiffy for a night out in Japan (or anywhere), then I highly recommend TK. The prices are not cheap, but one can probably afford a single shirt or hat, etc., even on a budget. It's important in Japan to be conscious of your image, even more so than in America and elsewhere. So, if you want to fit in and be cool, I suggest starting a collection of fashionable clothing for informal situations. Here is the link to Kikuchi's webpage.

Also certainly of note is the brand A Bathing Ape, led by Japanese fashion star Nigo. And, their official website. Don't spend too much!

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Abi said...

that's funny . . . a few doors down from my office is a BAPE store (A Bathing Ape). It is most peculiar . . some days there are lines of people wrapping down the block waiting to get in. Meanwhile, at other times it is deserted. Definitely draws an Asian and African American hip hop scene. Their shoes are pretty awesome.
It was great talking and seeing you Friday night (Sat. morning your time) Hope you had a nice weekend.
xoxox sis