Flowers in Sanuki

Nihon de ha
Boku no itoshiki
Sakura kana

(Sanuki. April, 2008)

Today was a day of flowers. I went to Ritsurin Park and had matcha (green tea) in a traditional tea house. In keeping with tradition, the people seated next to me spoke amiably and we exchanged contact information. I hope that we can become friends. I then went to Jardin (from the French, "garden") to see floral designs. I have posted some of my photographs from Jardin. I went with a close friend who invited me to her house, and I was able to meet and talk with her mother, who is a calligrapher. She brushed the calligraphy above, based on a haiku we wrote together. I felt very warm and welcome. What a wonderful way to start Golden Week.

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