Shikoku Mura (Shikoku Village)

I visited Shikoku Mura (Shikoku Village), which is an open-air, walk-through museum of sorts. It is a preservation of traditional Japan and Shikoku. It for me brought up the feeling of the Japan I had always seen in films. Its attractions include a bine bridge; Shodoshima Farmers Kabuki Theater; Yamashita family house; Kohno family house; Sugar cane press; Shikoku-mura Gallery; Nanyo tea hall; Bamboo grove; Lighthouse from Okunoshima; Light house from Cape Esaki (and others); Bark-steaming hut; Shimoki family house; Water-powered rice mill; more family residences; an arched bridge; an old fire station; a soy sauce malthouse; and other similarly folksy attractions. This face of Japan is somewhat lost in the city, although elements remain throughout Japan. And, this is preserved. It's not far, and you can get there by public transportation. Here are some of my photographs from my first visit.

Cross this bridge, suspended by vines, to enter

A Kabuki theater that still hosts performances

An old-fashioned residence

Inside the residence

A sugar mill with sakura

Inside the sugar mill

Walkway into the bamboo grove

Water glide outside a small art gallery

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