Kochi (高知): A Few Notes

Have you seen this kind of perfect water before? Absolutely perfect blue-green, lapping gently along the shore. Kochi is just inland off the Pacific, and is the capital of Kochi prefecture. The Kochi region is often just called Tosa, because of the local cusine, tosa ryori, which is based on huge plates of sliced fish. If you will be in Kochi in August, check out the Yosakoi dancing festival, which is under-reported. There is plenty of nightlife, and the locals stay out later here than elsewhere in Shikoku.

Godai-san is a mountain-based park. It gives a great view of Kochi Port and is home to the 31st temple on the 88-Temple Pilgrimage. Start with the vista from the Godai Tembo Service Center, where there is also a restaurant and souvenir shop. Head up the stairs to the lookout platform, where you can watch ships in Kochi's harbor. (Let's Go) Unfortunately, no bus lines run to the mountain, and a cab from Kochi station costs almost 2,000 yen (US$20). You can, however, catch a cab from the Kochi Museum of Art, which is much closer to the park.

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