Sanuki Udon (さぬきうどん)

Takamatsu is known for delicious sanuki udon noodles. They are variously described as "a must try" by many sources. The city's own website tells us, "You can find good noodle shops everywhere in Takamatsu, which serve delicious specialties of noodle at reasonable prices. There is a variety of shops. Some are selfsevice shops where customers go to the counter and pick their dishes for themselves and some where they boil theirs and help themselves with the soup for it, some where they have to grate radish onto their dishes. Some shops go so far as to give noodle making classes to let the customers eat noodles of their own making."

A blogger at Japan Newbie has posted an interesting photo gallery documenting a trip to get fine Sanuki udon. Here are ways you can access Takamatsu.

In Yashima, there is Waraya, "a popular udon restaurant down the steps from the parking lot outside the Shikoku Mura exit of Yashima station, in a building that wouldn't be out of place in Shikoku Mura. If you go in a group, get the kazoku udon, an enormous wooden bowl of noodles, enough to feed four. (843-3115. Open daily 10am-7pm). (Let's Go)

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Sanuki Udon! You're living in Shikoku? Lucky. :-)