Yum, Octopus Balls!

Have a look: this video from YouTube shows a local snack, called takoyaki. (Tako means octopus and -yaki means fried or baked.) You can find takoyaki in many Japanese restaurants in the Western world, but as the video shows, they are just not the same as in Japan. I remember from travels in Mexico that my favorite food was always from the vendors on the street. I don't care what anyone says, my vote is, it's delicious. The people in the video are speaking Japanese in a West Japanese dialect. So, food is a little different in Japan if you weren't born there. More on that later.

Where in Shikoku can I get this? You can always ask your local tourist office for directions and advice. If you live in Takamatsu city, the Information Plaza address is 1-16, Hamano-Cho (Tel: 851-2009). Just outside Takamatsu Station's south exit.

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川竹 said...

Yutaka said> Hi, well come to Japan agein! I'm looking forword to see you.

I'm looking forward to seeing you too! It will be fun!