Why Shikoku?

I'm often asked why I chose to live and work in Shikoku. This image is Awa-Odori, a traditional dance that happens in historical Toukushima. In Shikoku, you can experience these festivals, but also take a very short train ride to the outdoors. I really enjoy being in nature, and that's part of the reason why I prefer Shikoku over a more intensely urban area. Even though the cities are still cities, it is the ability to get to the countyside that I care about the most right now.

I've had the chance to talk via Skype with several people from Shikoku, and it is true that everyone has been very friendly. I don't mean anything against people from East Japan, I know many people are very friendly. Just ask we can't really talk about "American" ideas, it varies. But I will say that the people I've met have been great and I look forward to becoming better friends!

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